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HTML Bits.

Here are some little bits of HTML CODE that I like.

What is JavaScript ?  


The HTML/CSS code you enter here will be reflected live below.
Go ahead and enter something.

Web / Computer Cursors

<A HREF="#" style="cursor:crosshair">A Cross Link</A>

This would give us the following link, move your mouse over it to try it out:

A Cross Link

You can do it over text as well. You can define a class or just drop it inline with a span tag:

<span style="cursor:wait">Should You Wait for This?</span>

This will give us the old hourglass as if we are waiting on something when we mouse over the text.
Try it out below:

Should You Wait for This?

There are some other cursor types as well. Here is a list of the other types of cursors you can use, move your mouse over the text on the right side to see the example:

(Hover over each heading to see the cursor effect).

HTML cursor codes - "Auto" Shows it according to how the viewer has it set (plain)

HTML cursor codes - "Default" Makes the cursor stay the same

HTML cursor codes - "Text" The bar you see when the mouse is over text

HTML cursor codes - "Help" A question mark beside the arrow

HTML cursor codes - "Pointer" The hand you usually see over links

HTML cursor codes - "Wait" The "waiting" hourglass!

HTML cursor codes - "Crosshair" Looks like a cross

HTML cursor codes - "Move" Looks like you should be moving something

HTML cursor codes - "Smile" A "Smiley" face!

HTML cursor codes - "Progress" An hourglass beside the arrow

HTML cursor codes - "n-resize" An arrow- North

HTML cursor codes - "s-resize" An arrow- South

HTML cursor codes - "e-resize" An arrow- East

HTML cursor codes - "w-resize" An arrow- West

HTML cursor codes - "ne-resize" An arrow- NorthEast

HTML cursor codes - "sw-resize" An arrow- SouthWest

HTML cursor codes - "nw-resize" An arrow- NorthWest

HTML cursor codes - "se-resize" An arrow- SouthEast

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What ?

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