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Installation of Models Page 2.

Adding your (2nd, 3rd, 4th etc...etc...) own/user static (not animated) models to Rule the Rail!

You cannot add your own models to the unregistered free version.

OK then, if you followed the instructions on the 1st  page you will have your 1st model installed and looking  good  :)

This time we need to download a model that has a little more to the installation,
for this demonstration we will use the Plants from Iron Horses,
ID#s 3696 to 3754   44 plants in all.   Download IH_Plants

Save the zip /rar file somewhere on your hard drive,
the Desktop is a good place to start with, you can move it later.

OK we have the zip/rar. . . file we need to open it to get at the files in-side, first create a new folder on the desktop called "Same as the zip/rar file" then drag & drop the zip file in to the new folder, this is to stop all the files scattering all over the desktop when you unpack it.

Windows Logo Windows XP, Vista & 7 have in-built programs for extracting the files, if they don't work you will need to get and install a zip program.

Next open the zip file by single/double clicking on it and save/extract the files to the same folder & close the zip program.

Now you will see in the folder 49 files/folders.

  • IH_Plants = Zip Archive

  • Read Me - Add-To = Text Document

  • 2 = .DDS Files (Images)

  • 44 = X Files

  • rsu = XLI File
  • Lets go through them one at a time.

  • IH_Plants = Zip Archive

  • This one we have just done/opened, used.

  • Read Me - Add-To = Text Document

  • As it says "Read Me - Add-To"
    This is a simple instruction sheet on how to install the models.
    Most modellers will include some form of instructions or they will be posted on the littlevilledepot web site.

  • 2 = .DDS Files (Images)

  • These images can be copied & pasted or drag & droped to =
    " Program Files\BrainBombers\Rule the Rail!\IH_textures_2\plant "

    You will find that there is no folder called plant,
    so you will have to make a folder to put these files in.

  • 44 = X File

  • These files can be copied & pasted or drag & droped to =
    " Program Files\BrainBombers\Rule the Rail!\Scenes\xfiles "

    These files are the models, all 44 of them be it in code,
    "The modeler stores the information into a file and the application parses the file to construct the scene using device resources."

  • rsu = XLI File

  • This file can be copied & pasted or drag & droped to =
    " Program Files\BrainBombers\Rule the Rail! "

    This file is read by the RtR program on loading, as well as others.

    Notice the second line in this file (44) Thats because there are 44 entrys in this .XLI file.

    pic rsu.XLI.

    Lets look at the .XLI make-up,

    Yet again,
    you should have your new models (44 of them) installed in your Rule The Rail! Program.

    Next we will deal with installing models with multiple files and folders.

    I Like to think i'm following the KISS principle when i'm writing these out.
    " Keep It Short and Simple ". Not the other one.


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