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Adding Sounds   ♪   ♫

" adding_your_own_models_to_RtR_0.91 "

The engines and wagons can have sound when they are moving.
To add sound create your own sound description file and of course the needed wav file (or use an existing wav file).
The name of the sound description file should be like ‘soundsources_*.list’.
This file is a plain text file, you can edit it with the Notepad.
Each row in this file describes one sound source.
One row has the following structure (check also the original file ‘soundsources.list’):

1234⇒ unique identifier of an engine or wagon

sound.wav⇒ the name of the wav file (sampling rate 22KHz, mono PCM file)

loop⇒ play control of the file, should be ‘loop’ for engines and wagons

The sound file should be created so that it sounds good when it will be played repeated.
The sound should be stored with maximum volume, the program will control the real volume depending on the distance of the engine or wagon from the camera.


1.5 vs 1.4

40. Sounds can be defined for objects.

In the file 'soundsources*.list' can be defined one additional sound source for the objects.
The sample defines a controllable sound for Station1.
The records in the file have the following structure (explained with the sample values):

2056⇒ ID of the object

doublebell.wav⇒ wav file, mono, 16bit with 22KHZ sample rate

control⇒ sound source property, supported values:

control⇒ the source is controllable

once⇒ will be played once when the camera is near enough

loop⇒ will be played continuous

rndX⇒ will be played with random pause with average length of X sec



When making your sound file save it as .wav not .WAV or .Wav   ♪   ♫   ♪   ♫   ♪   ♫


metroGnome Image.   Generic Sounds.      

Click to Hear Sound Name Download
  fokep     Download
  goz2     Download
  hn1     Download
  kerek     Download
  mozdony     Download
  switch     Download
  trainhn     Download

metroGnome Image.   Extra Sounds.      

Click to Hear Sound Name Download
  2tone     Download
  143 Bremse     Download
  143 Kurve     Download
  4266 Whistle     Download
  a200 1pla     Download
  Bigboy     Download
  Bus Idle     Download
  Carousel Short     Download
  Crossbuck Bell     Download
  cxbell     Download
  dk83     Download
  EL Train     Download
  EL Train 17.6     Download
  Foghorn     Download
  Foghorn 2     Download
  Foghorn 3     Download
  Freight Train     Download
  gfoen01     Download
  gmotor01 27.9     Download
  gmotor01 57.8     Download
  Helicopter     Download
  horn     Download
  horn 1     Download
  monocoach     Download
  monocoacha     Download
  monoloco     Download
  Motor Elok     Download
  Motor Elok 1     Download
  POLICESIREN     Download
  Sifa     Download
  Sifa wachsam     Download
  Sifa Zwangsbremsung     Download
  silence     Download
  silent     Download
  Singlebell     Download
  Station 6.92     Download
  SVP Horn     Download
  train     Download
  Train Passing     Download
  Train Wheels     Download
  TROLLEY     Download
  TROLLEYEU     Download
  TROLLEYPA     Download
  via-6921     Download
  waterfall     Download
  waterfall 1     Download
  waterfall 2     Download
  waterfall 3     Download
  x ICE horn 2     Download


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